91% Tin 9% Zinc

Solder for Aluminum

Solid Wire

.031” (.8mm) Diameter

Requires a flux

Melts 390 deg. F (198 deg. C)

Use with No.1260, 1261, for Aluminum.

Solder Aluminum to Aluminum and Aluminum to other metals, Stainless, Copper, Brass, Nickel.  

Great for soldering LiPoly Cells!

 Solder Made by Kapp Alloy, in the USA, of only the highest purity metals, they have been making solder for 50 years. We sell no imported solder.

available in: 1 Ounce Pkg & 1 pound rolls

Holder for Flux Bottle

Questions & Answers

Question: Do I need

to wash No 30 flux off Model RR Rail after soldering joints and wire to rail, or other general soldering?

Answer: NO  - not if you do not use an excess amount of flux on the joint and the joint is heated properly. Circuit boards must  be washed with warm or hot water.

Question: I am forever spilling my flux, what is the best solution. (Bad for you, nice for us, we sell a lot of  flux because of this). I even get panic phone calls: I spilled my flux and I can’t solder, ship me some, ASAP, no matter the cost!

Answer: See picture above right corner. On my work bench, I keep my bottle of flux in a piece of foam with a hole for the bottle.



See SDS for complete information

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96% Tin

4% Silver


96/4 Tin/Silver Solder

Statement On Solder Conflict Minerals

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1 Lb. 91/9 Tin/Zinc Solder

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Mongoose II 40 after first flight

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Model Aircraft

Question: How is the best way to apply the flux to what I want to soldering.

Answer: See picture, above right corner. With small artist type brushes. I just keep them stuck in the foam and choose the best size for the job. When done for the day just rinse them in water.

Solid Wire Solder means NO core chemicals (Rosin, Acids and others) which could interfere with our Fluxes

when soldering.

Tips on Using No.1260 Flux


Soder Wick®




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